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Лена, 25 y/o, Virgo, Karaganda, Kazakhstan
Татьяна, 29 y/o, Taurus, Moskva, Russia
Liza, 18 y/o, Capricorn, Odessa, Ukraine
Ada, 20 y/o, Capricorn, Odessa, Ukraine
Mariya, 27 y/o, Aquarius, Volsk, Russia
Svetlana, 44 y/o, Taurus, Lviv, Ukraine
Bogdana, 23 y/o, Leo, Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Lyudmila, 64 y/o, Pisces, Kostanay, Kazakhstan
Anna, 18 y/o, Taurus, Kiev, Ukraine
Victoria, 18 y/o, Gemini, Odessa, Ukraine
Anastasiya, 19 y/o, Capricorn, Kiev, Ukraine
Tasya, 20 y/o, Capricorn, Cherkasy, Ukraine
Anna, 54 y/o, Aries, Kaliningrad, Russia
Ruslana, 18 y/o, Cancer, Smila, Ukraine
Angelina, 23 y/o, Cancer, Moskva, Russia

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Melissa, 32 y/o, Aquarius, London, United Kingdom
Maks, 26 y/o, Leo, Moskva, Russia
Miller, 45 y/o, Aquarius, Columbus, United States
Jimmi, 40 y/o, Aries, Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
Chris, 62 y/o, Aquarius, Chapel Hill, United States
Michael Jacob Lowel, 50 y/o, Capricorn, Atlanta, United States
Rohit, 21 y/o, Virgo, Sagar, India
Peter Anderson, 37 y/o, Aquarius, England, United States
Choko, 23 y/o, Taurus, Oujda, Morocco
Sumit, 29 y/o, Virgo, New Delhi, India
Eric Scott, 38 y/o, Scorpio, San Francisco, United States
Steven, 33 y/o, Leo, Virginia Beach, United States
Telvin, 54 y/o, Pisces, Frisco City, United States
Viatcheslav, 31 y/o, Taurus, Volgograd, Russia
Andrew, 46 y/o, Virgo, American Fork, United States
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