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28 y/o, Libra
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 18-26 y/o
33 y/o, Virgo
U.S. Air Force Academy, United States
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 40-75 y/o
29 y/o, Aries
Touba, Senegal
Seek: Man
Aged between: 24-90 y/o
59 y/o, Aries
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 45-90 y/o
41 y/o, Libra
Bolshoy Sochi, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 35-55 y/o
40 y/o, Libra
Mineralnye Vody, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 35-90 y/o
25 y/o, Gemini
Bengaluru, India
Seek: Woman
Aged between: 18-40 y/o
57 y/o, Sagittarius
Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
Seek: Man
Aged between: 56-70 y/o
28 y/o, Taurus
Kirov, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 27-35 y/o
47 y/o, Gemini
Moscow, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 42-55 y/o
26 y/o, Gemini
Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
Seek: Man
Aged between: 25-32 y/o
49 y/o, Aquarius
New York, United States
Seek: Man
Aged between: 30-60 y/o
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